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Concrete Service Experts in Chertsey

Our expertise in fulfilling the concrete orders as per the customers is what makes us the only choice for concrete supplying services in Chertsey. We tailor the services as demand and mix the concrete efficiently considering aggregates and the latest technologies.

The experience we had over several years gives confidence to our customers for the best concrete solutions. Just let us know the requirements- when and where you need it, the quantity and type of required concrete. We follow all the standards of testing to confirm that the mixing is done appropriately.

Volumetric Concrete At Any Site in Chertsey

The traditional and old techniques of concrete supplying include measuring the concrete you need, which could result in errors, waste of money, time, and effort.  But, The Thames Concrete follows the volumetric mixing techniques that imply the costly and frustrating operation of finding the concrete amount could be avoided. Our fleet of trucks provides an extensive amount of concrete strengths and will arrive at your site. The concrete calculator is used to mix the right amount of concrete so that there will not be any over and under usage. It does not matter if the project is large or small, you can trust The Thames Concrete.

Concrete Boom Pumping For Every Type of Project

The advanced boom pump for concrete easily pumps the concrete and puts them on height. Also, they can be moved effortlessly and quickly allowing concrete pumping to the locations in Chertsey in less time. Our boom pumps are perfect for large projects (higher structures or strengthened pillars). The workers of Thames Concrete are highly professional and ensure clean tidy surroundings.

We are the help you require!

Contact us for any suggestions or queries! We will give the best advice possible. Whatever the project type you are working on, we know how to handle it and give the best possible service!

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