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Concrete Suppliers in Egham

The Thames Concrete is a leading concrete service supplier in your location. We deliver what you asked for and on time. With experience in this industry, our workers offer solutions that satisfy the construction project specifications. We have a comprehensive range of products for concrete that are durable and versatile in nature and appropriate for all types of projects, whether commercial or domestic. Does not matter the scale of your project, we will help you satisfactorily. Our modern and advanced batching plants for concrete confirm the regular production of quality concrete. We supervise the overall process and guarantee quality work to you.

Onsite Mixed Screed for Your Project

We mix the concrete directly at your defined site in Egham or nearby locations. Confirming you that there will not be any concrete wastage and end-result is worth the money is what we strive for. We let the customer find the parameters and quantity required for the concrete and for that, the concrete calculator is used. Moreover, The Thames Concrete changes the pattern of mixing the concrete considering different weather situations; this is valid when there will be any modifications in constructing the project also.

Efficient Volumetric Concrete Services

Because of the volumetric concrete services, the process of handling concrete for projects has changed dramatically. The volumetric lorries we have includes the functionality of batching plants and self-loading mobile mixing trucks. Because of this, the process of concrete delivery accelerates with higher customization. When compared to the different conventional concrete mixes like drums, the volumetric concrete services ensure an easy supply of concrete. They tend to provide a higher quantity of material and create more capacity for concrete. It ensures larger projects are completed in less time with full efficiency.

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