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Concrete Calculator

Concrete Mix Calculator

Use our Concrete Calculator to know the right and exact quantity of concrete in volume (cubic meters, cubic yards, or cubic ft.) you require for your projects. Measure volume for stairs, walls, Round Slab, Square Column,  Round Column, footing, etc.

Basics on Calculating Concrete

It is vital to know the basics required before calculating the concrete mix for your commercial or residential projects. With this information, you can find out if the estimations you made are close to the desired amount or not.

Concrete comprises different coarse and fine aggregates that when mixed form cement which is used for binding the materials. This cemented paste gets hardened with time. Generally, it takes a week to get 50% of the durability and a few more weeks to attain 95% of it. Confirming that the concrete is moist improves its strength while settling. It can be obtained from different methods such as ponding and spraying concrete slabs. Ponding is the process in which the concrete is blended in water and plastic is used to wrap it. Whereas the spraying process makes a film on the concrete for retaining water.

Concrete Calculator

Please use this calculator to estimate the quantity of concrete required for your project.

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The Thames Concrete’s Calculator To Make the Right Estimate

If you are ready to get concrete, the calculator of The Thames Concrete will estimate your project’s concrete requirement. We will enter the length, width, depth, or thickness for knowing the meters or yards, cubic feet, or concrete bags required for your construction project.

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