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Foam Concrete

How Foam Concrete is An Ideal Material For Road Construction?

Using foamed concrete in road construction ensures that there is less requirement for maintenance. The reason is road foam concrete is light in weight. Therefore, the soil below the road stays intact As a result, it can easily support the lightweight layer of foamed concrete. Consequently, the concrete stays in its place, and there are no cracks in the road.

To give you more clarity, we have jotted down the benefits of foamed concrete that make it the most preferred construction material for making roads. But, first of all, let’s check out what foamed concrete is, in detail, before proceeding further.

What is Foam Concrete?

Foam concrete is a lightweight construction material prepared by combining water, cement, and foaming agents. The foam and the slurry are separately prepared and mixed later. This type of concrete has air bubbles trapped within it, which reduces its density, making it a lightweight construction material.

You can increase or decrease the density of foamed concrete by changing the water-slurry ratio. This construction material is free from coarse materials and only consists of fine cement particles. To improve the foamed concrete quality, additives like powdered fuel ash (PFA), limestone dust, etc, can be used.

Benefits of Foamed Concrete For Road Construction

Energy Absorbing Material

Foamed concrete comes with energy absorption properties. For this reason, it can absorb the kinetic energy of the vehicles moving over it, without getting damaged.

On the other hand, other concrete variants can break when exposed to heavy loads. So, if foamed concrete is used for road construction, there will be no cracks in concrete for many years. So, it becomes a one-time investment that provides value for a long time.

High Strength Levels

Despite its low density, road foam concrete is a high-strength concrete variant. It possesses high compressive strength, meaning it can bear extremely heavy loads without breaking down. After foamed concrete roads are properly hydrated, they become a rigid standalone structure that acquires a good level of hardness.

As roads and bridges are continuously exposed to heavy loads of vehicles, they need to have good strength levels to avoid wear and damage. It makes foamed concrete an obvious choice for road construction as it ensures they don’t break for a long time.

Prevents Concrete Settlement

Concrete settlement refers to the condition when the soil present under the road can no longer bear the load of the concrete. As a result, the soil moves or changes its place, and the concrete above it gets cracked.

Foamed concrete is an effective solution to the concrete settlement problem. As its weight is less, the soil can easily withstand its load. Consequently, the concrete layer above it stays intact for years without getting damaged. As a result, the respective road or bridge doesn’t sink or crack. 

Cost Effective Material

As discussed above, foamed concrete requires less maintenance. Therefore, it can be a good investment that helps to save money in the long term. Moreover, foamed concrete is barely affected by lateral loading. It is a phenomenon by which a material can get bent in the direction of the force.

In addition, you can directly use the foam concrete over the soil. There is no need to build a foundation beforehand. It saves money and helps you control the project expenses. Last but not least, the foam concrete can spread over the required area on its own. So, it minimises the need to spend money on spreading it manually or with machines.

Saves Construction Time

Most of the time, foamed concrete is used in the form of pre-prepared blocks. Foamed concrete blocks can be directly placed to construct a road instead of laying and spreading the semisolid construction material over the required area. In addition, blocks are lightweight and easy to carry. So, it is comparatively easier to take them from one place to another without putting in much time and effort.

Another characteristic of foam concrete is its blocks can be easily cut and modified according to the respective requirement. Therefore, the construction speed automatically increases multiple times.

Freeze and Thaw Resistance

Concrete freeze and thaw is a common problem that damages concrete structures. It is usually caused when water enters the construction material via cracks. In cold regions, this water freeze, expand, and eventually break the concrete blocks.

Foamed concrete is resistant to damage as it doesn’t get affected by freeze and thaw. It means that the roads present in even the most extreme weather conditions stay safe from damage and wear.


Foam concrete is a good construction material possessing low density and high strength. Its qualities like high fluidity, lightweight, resistance to damage, and more, make it perfect for road construction.

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