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Accelerator Admixture

Top Quality Accelerator Admixtures Provider in UK

The Thames Concrete is the leading provider of accelerator admixtures across the United Kingdom. You can count on us for high-quality accelerating admixtures for your construction projects. These chemical components can change the hardening and settling duration of the concrete.

Some projects require the poured concrete to set faster for proceeding with the construction projects, avoiding delays. On the other hand, in some projects, the mixture must settle at a slower pace to carry out the concrete compacting process effectively. Otherwise, if the concrete hardens in less time, air bubbles stay trapped inside the mixture, adversely impacting the strength and durability of the structure.

There is a specific concrete accelerator admixture for different types of projects. The Thames Concrete is the #1 provider of accelerator admixtures as per your requirements. We make these chemical additives available at competitive market prices to ensure you get the best value out of a construction project.

Why Accelerating Admixtures Are Required in Construction Projects Across UK?

The average weather in the United Kingdom is cold throughout the year. At low temperatures, the concrete mixtures can take a long time to settle. Because the mixtures don’t dry up easily and tend to flow rather than get hardened. It causes a delay in the construction projects and you unnecessarily have to pay the rent of the tools and equipment for the time the concrete settles properly.

By using a suitable concrete accelerator admixture, one can reduce the time taken by the mixture to settle and become hard. The Thames Concrete can provide you with the best quality accelerator admixtures on demand and ensure your project keeps up and running at a good pace. Thus, from various additive options, the ones that boost the process of concrete settling, are mostly preferred for construction projects in the United Kingdom.

Some Common Chemicals Used in Accelerator Admixtures

Accelerator admixtures are prepared by combining different chemical components. In winters, they minimise the chances of frost damage to the concrete. Here are some of the commonly used chemicals to make a concrete accelerator admixture:

  • Calcium Formate
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Calcium Nitrite

Here at The Thames Concrete, we have a variety of accelerator admixtures prepared by the combination of these chemical components. We can deliver these chemical admixtures directly to the project site so that you can use them while preparing onsite concrete for your construction projects. After pouring the additive-mixed concrete over the required area, the mixture takes less time to settle. It ensures that the construction projects are completed within the deadline.

Benefits of Using Concrete Accelerator Admixtures

Avoids Corrosion of Concrete

Concrete corrosion is a major problem with most construction projects. By using the right accelerating admixtures, not only one can ensure quick settling of the concrete but also make it resistant to corrosion. Thus, the respective structure has high durability and strength.

Available For Different Weather Conditions

Accelerator admixtures are available for various weather conditions. As the concrete mixture settling time changes according to the variation in temperature, there is an ideal chemical admixture for summers, winters, and other weathers.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

With manufacturing plants specially designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while preparing the additives, the carbon footprint can be reduced. If a proper catalyst is used while preparing accelerating admixtures, the CO2 emissions can be controlled.

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