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Barrowing Service

Highly Efficient Concrete Barrowing Service in UK

The Thames Concrete provides highly efficient concrete barrow service at all locations across the United Kingdom. You can count on us to transfer the concrete mixture from the truck to the required nearby area. This way, the concrete can be poured directly over the slab area with the help of barrows.

At some project sites, the concrete truck can’t reach directly. Because not all the floors and structures are designed to withstand the weight of heavy-duty vehicles. For this reason, the concrete needs to be transported from the respective vehicle to the slab area. Barrows are metallic concrete carriers operated manually to serve the purpose of bringing the mixture to the required area and pouring it.

Thames Concrete has high-quality barrows with good capacity and skilled workers for barrowing concrete fastly, avoiding wastage. Our workers complete the concrete barrowing process without spilling the mixture on the project site, avoiding wastage. Besides, it helps keep the construction site clean and free from mess.

Projects That Require A Concrete Barrow Service

A concrete barrow service is recommended for the projects located in hard-to-reach areas. Besides, DIY residential construction work also requires barrowing services. For smaller construction projects, concrete borrowing is preferred over using a boom pump for pouring the concrete over the slab area.

The reason is concrete barrowing services are more budget-friendly for small-scale construction projects. Moreover, here are some common projects in which concrete barrowing can come in handy:

  • Driveways
  • Paving and Paths
  • Fencing and Drainage
  • Trench Fill
  • Base For Sheds and Conservatories
  • Floor Slabs

Benefits of Concrete Barrowing Services

Minimise Material Wastage

Concrete barrows are directly filled from the truck and pour the mixture into the required area. Using them, one can avoid wastage, by taking the concrete from the vehicle, only in the required amounts. By pouring the concrete in real-time, you can better track the quantity required for the project.

Access To Hard-To-Reach Areas

Some projects require pouring concrete in an area that trucks can’t reach directly. A concrete barrowing service comes in handy in such projects. For example, pouring the concrete mixture on the room floor inside a house. The workers can use barrows for easily fetching and pouring the concrete inside the house.

Pour The Mixture With Precision

With a concrete barrow service, the mixture can be poured with manual precision. If you use a pump to put concrete over the slab area, there are chances of overfill and underfill. But, with concrete barrowing, the workers can adjust how much concrete they are putting in the respective area, ensuring that the overall level of the mixture stays uniform.

Why Choose The Thames Concrete For Concrete Barrowing Services?

The Thames Concrete has years of experience barrowing concrete for various commercial and domestic construction projects. We have skilled workers that can facilitate fast and mess-free concrete pouring according to your requirements. Our wheelbarrows are built from quality material, making them durable and capable of holding a considerable amount of concrete mixture. All in all, The Thames Concrete concrete barrowing services are the most promising in the country, with a quick and cost-effective pouring of mixtures.

Expert Assistance

The Thames Concrete team is always happy to guide you. So, if you are confused about how many wheelbarrows will be required or how much concrete mixture will be enough for your project, our experts can give you the best advice.

Experienced Team

Our workers have been performing concrete barrowing for years. They have gained the skills to operate quickly and finish the process while keeping the project site clean.

High-Quality Equipment

With durable and sufficiently-sized concrete barrows, we ensure that the mixture does not spill out while transporting it. This way, concrete wastage is minimised, and you get rid of unnecessary expenses.

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