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Coloured Concrete

Reliable Supplier of High-Quality Coloured Concrete in UK

The Thames Concrete provides reliable and prompt coloured concrete delivery services across the UK. Coloured concrete is used in various projects such as industrial flooring, cycle paths, tramways, parking, etc. Whatever your project type may be, you can count on us for high-quality coloured concrete supply.

Coloured concrete can give an appealing look to any construction project. You can use it to match or complement the colour of the surroundings and make any space stand out in appearance. The Thames Concrete offers a wide selection of colours for the concrete mixtures. Besides, we can prepare colour concrete according to your bespoke requirements so that you get the perfect look and finishing.

Coloured concrete is a cost-effective solution to add appealing textures and colours to a structure. Also, it is a better alternative than decorating the surface coatings because its colours don’t fade away. It makes colour concrete a long-lasting decoration solution for a wide range of construction projects.

Benefits of Using Colour Concrete in A Construction Project

High Durability

Coloured concrete is a highly durable decoration solution for various construction projects. The structure’s colour stays intact for years, making it a value-for-money construction material. Besides, it can withstand the effects of sunlight, rain, and diverse weather conditions without losing its texture and colour.

Colour Consistent Batches

Colour concrete mixtures are prepared by combining various materials in custom ratios. So, every concrete batch has the same colour and texture. This way, coloured concrete offers total precision and accuracy in appearance according to the requirements of the respective construction project.

Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

By using some specific concrete colours, the solar reflectance of a structure can be increased. This way, the structure’s surface gains less heat and stays at a lower temperature. Consequently, the flow of thermal radiation in the atmosphere is decreased, lowering the carbon footprint.

Various Colour Choice

Along with the core colours, one can get custom coloured concrete as per your preferences. Hence, you have the liberty to choose either from a standard colour range or bespoke concrete shades. It makes coloured concrete versatile construction material.

Why The Thames Concrete is the Best Coloured Concrete Supplier?

Our expert team has years of experience and in-depth knowledge regarding the concrete colouring process. Over the years, we have gained expertise in preparing high-quality bespoke coloured concrete mixtures. We use top-quality materials and best-in-class tools & equipment to make coloured concrete.

You can count on us for your concrete requirements for commercial and residential construction projects. Just order and get the coloured concrete mix ready at the project location. With our fleet of high-performance vehicles, we facilitate quick and reliable concrete delivery.

Experienced Staff

Our team has experienced workers and friendly customer representatives ready to assist you at every stage of your construction project. We are always ready to help and resolve your confusion and queries about the suitable coloured concrete for your projects.

Competitive Pricing

The Thames Concrete aims to provide the best value to the customers. That’s why we keep our prices affordable, without compromising on the quality of coloured concrete. You are assured of getting the colour concrete at the best market prices when you buy the concrete mixtures from us.

Nationwide Availability

Need coloured concrete at a remote location? Fret not, The Thames Concrete have your back! We operate all across the United Kingdom to fulfil the coloured concrete requirements of our clients. It makes our services an ideal solution for construction projects located away from the main town or city.

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