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Fibre Reinforced Concrete Mix in UK

High-Quality Fibre Reinforced Concrete Mix

Using regular steel meshes with concrete is time-consuming and costly for a construction project. Fibre reinforced concrete is the perfect replacement with similar strength and is easy to pour and level. Small-sized fibres are added to the concrete in advance to prepare a fibre reinforced concrete mix, eliminating the need for steel bars and meshes at construction time.

Thames concrete is the leading provider of high-quality fibre reinforced concrete mixes according to your project requirement. We ensure adding the suitable fibre premix for providing high strength and durability to a structure. Also, the finishing and texture of a fibre reinforced concrete mix after getting settled, are the same as of standard concrete. With fast and custom-quantity delivery, we ensure that there is no delay and material wastage during your projects.

How Fibre Reinforced Concrete is Better Than Standard Concrete?

Steel bars used with standard concrete require a specific area to be stored on the project site. Plus, skilled workers are needed to arrange the bars and form meshes. Afterwards, the concrete is poured into the slab area over the mesh arrangement. It consumes a lot of time and money in this construction approach.

Fibre reinforced concrete solves these issues by adding small-sized steel fibres directly to the ready mix concrete. There is no need to allocate space to store it as Thames concrete’s high-performance vehicles pour the mix directly over the slab area. Also, the fibres are uniformly mixed with the concrete to ensure the perfect finish. Your projects will be completed in less time with comparatively low construction costs.

Reduced Cracking

With added strengths of fibres, the concrete mix develops a high cohesive force after settling. For this reason, the chances of the concrete getting cracked, reduce considerably. Hence, you are assured that the concrete will not get segregated with time.

Enhanced Load Capacity

When it comes to the strength and durability of a structure, fibre reinforced concrete meets top standards. The fibres help keep the concrete sturdy, enabling it to withstand higher loads. Also, the overall structural strength is higher than what you get using standard concrete.

Minimal CO2 Emission

Standard concrete releases carbon dioxide gas that causes a change in the mixture’s volume. It also affects the strength of the structure. With fibre reinforced concrete, the CO2 emissions are minimised, which helps maintain a standard concrete mix volume.

Ensure Worker’s Safety

While using regular concrete, there is always a risk of workers stumbling on the meshes and getting injured. Fibre reinforced concrete mixes solve this problem as the concrete is directly poured over the slab area, eliminating manual effort and ensuring workers’ safety.

Different Fibre Options

Various types of fibres are available according to the requirements of different construction projects. For instance, steel fibres are used with concrete to increase the structure’s load-bearing capacity. Whereas, synthetic fibres are ideal for crack reduction and fire safety.

Why Choose Us For Fibre Reinforced Concrete?

Thames concrete has the best quality fibre reinforced concrete mixes in the UK. We ensure adding different types of fibre to our concrete, providing you with the desired strength and finish. Besides, you get fast deliveries at the date and time you mention. Among all the fibre reinforced concrete delivery companies, our rates are the most genuine, as we strive to offer the best value to our customers.

Expert Team

Confused about the ideal type of fibre-reinforced concrete for your project? Fret not because the experienced team here at Thames Concrete is always happy to provide you with the required guidance. Just get in touch with us, and get all your concrete-related questions answered by experts!

Offers Concrete of Various Grades

Thames concrete has a wide range of concrete grades suitable for different construction projects. We offer concrete variants with different strength levels, finishing, and load capacity. So, you can get the ideal fibre reinforced concrete mix to fulfil your project requirements.

Quality Concrete Delivery Across the UK

Irrespective of where your project is located across the United Kingdom, we are just a call away. Thames Concrete operates throughout the country. So, you just need to get in touch with us at 02034102250 for getting high-quality fibre reinforced concrete delivered directly to the location of the construction project.

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