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Line Pump

Concrete Line Pump Services in UK

The Thames Concrete provides best-in-class concrete line pump services for locations across the United Kingdom. We simplify your construction projects with quality concrete pumping solutions. A line pump is suitable for project locations that are far away from the reach of the concrete carrying vehicles. A concrete line pump of a suitable pipe length can be connected with the vehicle to pour the mixture directly into the required area on the project site.

The line pump goes along the ground and can reach the locations which are otherwise confined. With high pressure, the concrete is pumped directly to the precise spots on the slab area. Unlike a boom pump, the concrete line pump does not involve hydraulic arms to reach a specific area. Instead, a line pump works on a comparatively simple mechanism in which just a concrete carrying pipe directly connects to the truck.

Advantages of Line Pump For A Construction Project

Reduces Manual Effort

With the help of a line pump, one can considerably reduce the manual effort required to pour the concrete mixture over the desired area. The workers just need to connect the hoses and pipes to the truck. Afterwards, they need to put the pipe opening where concrete pouring is required, and the rest of the process completes on its own.

Precise Concrete Pouring

Manual pouring can cause construction material spillage and overfill or underfill at particular spots over the slab area. Because workers can’t provide the level of accuracy in the work that a machine can provide. For this reason, a concrete line pump is more effective for projects where precise pouring is required, as it supplies the concrete mix specifically over the required area.

Pour Concrete Inside Buildings

A truck can transport the concrete mixture to the project site, but its reach becomes limited when there is a need for concrete mixture inside a building. In such situations, a line pump can do the job, as the pipe can be easily arranged through smaller spaces, to ensure concrete supply inside the building. Line pumps can also make the concrete available for use in hard-to-reach areas.

Why Choose Us For Concrete Line Pump Services?

The Thames Concrete specialises in line pump services, offering you a quality and cost-effective solution for concrete pouring. We can adjust the length of the line pump according to your project requirements. So, whether the concrete needs to be transported nearby or up to a considerable distance, we got you covered.

With high-pressure pumping, the construction material can reach longer distances without any issues. Besides, our concrete line pumps are of high quality so you are free from the worry of leakage of the concrete mixture. All in all, we have the best line pumps to serve your construction requirements.

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