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Onsite Mixed Screed

Onsite Mixed Screed Suppliers in UK

The Thames Concrete is a reliable onsite mixed screed supplier in UK offering construction material as convenient on-site mixing solution.

Our heavy-duty screed pump trucks supply, mix and pump concrete from one vehicle. This simply implies you do not have to get an extra screed pump. Indeed, with The Thames Concrete, you are paying for what you have asked, hence, there would not be any wastage. We give timely delivery as per specifications!

Get the Best Quality Onsite Mixed Concrete Screed For Your Requirements

We are here to offer freely flowing and quality ensured concrete for your project. Before starting, our workers ask for the exact proportion of onsite views for appropriate mixing of concrete. Considerably, The Thames Concrete as a supplier of Onsite Mixed Concrete Screed charges only competitive prices. There are professionals who have years of experience in providing concrete according to specific requirements. However, there is another concept that by mixing other materials, like admixture and retarders, the durability, sustainability, and quality of onsite mixed concrete screed enhances. To make it happen, effective and quality machinery is used with the touch of advanced productive techniques. Indeed, it is one of those reasons that confirms our concrete supplying services are best among all.

Why Onsite Mixed Concrete Screed?

For floors, screed is used. It is a substance that gives surfaces the smooth touch or finishing. Simply, it is like embracing carpets and floor tiles. Many times, there is a need for admixtures for enhancing the properties such as fibers for boosting the capacity to handle loads and for best surface look.

The ratio for preparing the ready-mix mortars ranges from 1:3 to 1:4.5 for concrete to concrete and sand. For improving the screed performance, additives are integrated. When required, they can be dried out and an extra strength can be given. Collectively, it ensures the floor appearance smoothness. And, this is what we promise to provide you! The expert workers of The Thames Concrete will choose the best mixture and give you Onsite Mixed concrete Screed whenever required.

In addition, there are many advantages of choosing Mixing Screed On Site. Have a look below to know them:

Flexible nature

The screed is mixed on the site directly for your specifications. Certainly, the sudden changes can also be entertaining, however, it does not let you pay more. When required, the screed additives and accelerators can be used. When the screed is mixed on-site according to requirements, there will be less landfill and wastage.


Its pricing is less than ready-mixed screeds as there is no premium for the concrete mix at the factory and supply to the asked site. Because there is higher flexibility to fit in the plan, therefore, the expenses on unexpected changes could be more.

Experienced workmanship

It is highly recommended by expert contractors than ready-mix screeds because there are less charges and more flexibility. With screen pumps or force action mixers, the exact quality screed is produced as in the plant with the standard quality measures.

Quick Retardation

Because of the concrete retarder formation, the 12 hours is an approximate retardation time (from the starting date of manufacturing). Even on the operational day, the concrete could be used.

Less Shrinking Issues

It has higher moisture locked ability, therefore, there is less probability of shrinkage.

The Thames Concrete for your Onsite Mixed concrete Screed Needs

The Thames Concrete is the industry leader in onsite mixed screed supply in the United Kingdom. We facilitate quality material right at the project site for commercial and residential construction.

Both concrete and screed are equally important for a successful construction project. As concrete provides durability to a structure and helps build a strong foundation, screed ensures the required appearance and texture at the surface. At The Thames Concrete, we use the best quality materials with our fleet of heavy-duty trucks to offer you screed in the required amount. This way, you only use the onsite mixed screed as per the project requirements, minimizing the wastage.

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