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Rapid Setting Concrete

Supplier For Rapid Setting Concrete in The UK

The Thames concrete is the industry leader in fast setting concrete delivery across the UK. Rapid setting concrete is best suited for construction projects with tight deadlines. Unlike standard concrete, it settles way faster, ensuring minimum downtime in the project. So, the construction project proceeds faster as the concrete mix dries and gets hardened in a minimal time.

Our rapid setting concrete mix meets the best quality standards. We have a knowledgeable team familiar with the best additives and composition ratio of various materials to prepare quality rapid concrete mixtures. Besides, with a fleet of high-performance trucks, we can perform multiple tasks such as mixing, delivering, and pouring the concrete with just a single vehicle.

Advantages of Fast Setting Concrete Mix

Easy To Compact

A fast setting concrete mix is easy to arrange and settle for the workers, facilitating a good finishing. It flows easily and requires minimal effort to be arranged over the slab area. Additionally, after the concrete is poured uniformly over the required area, it takes less time to harden. So, the construction tasks can be carried forward efficiently without wasting time.

Hassle-Free Pouring

The rapid set concrete mix can be easily poured over the slab area with the help of a concrete boom pump. It helps reduce mess on the project site. Moreover, the overall concrete mix pouring process becomes hassle-free because the required manual effort is minimized. 

High in Strength

Rapid setting concrete doesn’t let you compromise on the durability of the structure. Even if the concrete gets set in less time, it has high strength levels. Hence, the structures built using fast setting concrete can withstand higher loads without any problems.

Helps Reduce Cost

By eliminating the use of dedicated equipment and tools to prepare & pour the concrete, the rapid set concrete mix is a cost-effective construction material. Plus, you save on the labor cost required to operate the equipment and arrange the concrete mix over the required area.

Why The Thames Concrete is The Best Rapid Setting Concrete Supplier?

Among all the rapid concrete suppliers in the United Kingdom, The Thames Concrete stands out, by using high-quality material and the best mixing approaches. We know the importance of time in a construction project. That’s why we strive to deliver the required amount of concrete at the exact time. This way, your construction projects don’t get delayed due to material shortages.

We ensure high quality and professionalism in our services. Our dedicated team makes sure there are no compromises in the quality of materials and chemical admixtures used to prepare the concrete. On top of that, we only make the concrete mixes in the precise quantity as required, ensuring minimum wastage.

All Scales of Projects Covered

Thames concrete can fulfill the construction material requirements of projects of all scales and sizes. We have a dedicated plant capable of preparing fast setting concrete in the required quantity. So, whether you need rapid setting concrete for a residential construction project or a commercial one, we got you covered!

Best Practices To Minimize Wastage

Material wastage during a construction project is the prime cause of increased expenses. Here at Thames Concrete, we solve this problem by preparing rapid concrete in precise amounts as per the requirement. This way, we minimize the chances of concrete mix wastage which helps you avoid the additional expenses.

Reliable and Prompt Nationwide Services

Wherever your construction project is located in the United Kingdom, we can deliver rapid setting concrete without any issues. With prompt and reliable concrete delivery services throughout the country, we ensure your construction projects don’t get affected due to material shortage.

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