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Volumetric Concrete

Best Volumetric Concrete Supplier in the UK

Want volumetric concrete supply for your construction project? Look no further than The Thames Concrete, as we are the best concrete supplier in the country. We provide the highest quality concrete at competitive rates. Our fleet of high-performance trucks is capable of preparing quality concrete mixes right at the project site. Besides, these high-performance vehicles can pour concrete in precise volumes. This way, we eliminate the chances of mistakes in calculating the required concrete mixture quantity.

By ordering concrete from us, you ensure a hassle-free construction experience for yourself. We are able to minimise material wastage by providing the concrete mix in the exact quantity, reducing the expenses. Irrespective of the size of your project, you can opt for volumetric concrete supply from us because we cover both residential and commercial projects.

How Does A Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

A volumetric concrete mixer is a portable concrete mixing production plant mounted on a truck. It measures the material by volume, unlike the standard weight measurement method. This way, it helps prepare concrete in precise amounts as per the requirements. Moreover, all the equipment and tools required to make and pour the concrete mixture are present on the truck itself.

Various materials are present in different chambers that allow the preparation of concrete in the desired ratio. It comes in handy to make concrete mixtures of different strengths by mixing various materials in specific ratios. Furthermore, this type of mixer also comes with a mechanism to pour concrete over the slab area. Thus, all the concrete-related tasks are fulfilled by a single-vehicle.

Benefits of Volumetric Concrete

Minimal Material Wastage

Standard concrete-mixing approaches often lead to material wastage because the amount in which the concrete mix is produced is not precise. A volumetric concrete mixer is designed to prepare the required mix in exact volumes. It helps minimise the leftover concrete and thereby reduces wastage.

Prepare Multiple Batches

With the help of a volumetric concrete mixer truck, you can get different batches of on-site mixed concrete varying in composition and strength. Because the material ratio used to make the concrete mix can be changed in real-time. It enables pouring different batches of concrete one after the other.

Ideal For All Types Of Project

Volumetric concrete is an ideal construction material solution for both residential and commercial projects. You can count on concrete mixers, irrespective of the quantity of required construction material. Because they can prepare concrete for projects of all sizes and scales.

Fast Preparation of Concrete Mixture

Volumetric concrete mixers can make the construction material at faster rates. Also, the concrete pouring and levelling can be done meanwhile the next material batch is getting ready. This way, the project never stops due to concrete shortages and is completed within the deadline.

Why Choose The Thames Concrete For Volumetric Concrete Delivery?

The Thames Concrete is the leading provider of volumetric concrete anywhere in the United Kingdom. We send our high-performance trucks to the construction site in your preferred time slot. Our fleet of volumetric concrete mixer can prepare the concrete mixture in high amounts. So, whatever the scale of your project, you never run out of construction material.

Our trucks store all the required aggregates separately. Because we mix the materials in different ratios according to the required strength and finishing. Besides, The Thames Concrete only uses high-quality materials so that our concrete doesn’t lack durability and strength. On top of that, we have experienced and skilled staff ready to assist you regarding the ideal type of concrete for your construction project.

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