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Our sustainability priorities- Purpose, People, Planet, Solutions!

At The Thames Concrete, our mantra for the production of our concrete is to Minimise-Reuse- Recycle every day we make concrete. We follow guidelines set out by the Bsi 8500 en 209 who set the standards on the production of quality concrete. As industry leaders, our mission is to extend beyond production into environmental conservation and develop a greener tomorrow.

We began our journey with one truck in June 2022 and now expanded to 10+ trucks in the fleets— it reflects a commitment to sustainability. This growth shows Thames Concrete’s strong determination to service the local DIY and commercial construction market.

Sustainability is significant for the prosperity and well-being of society, our clients, the communities and the long-term success of our business. In addition, the world is changing rapidly. It is widely recognised by the UK administration and the construction sector that social and environmental factors will transform what and how we build in the future. 

As a leading independent concrete supplier servicing construction within the West London and Greater London areas, We play a vital role in creating a transition to a sustainable, and resilient environment. This will bring vision not only for society but also create exceptional opportunities for our business and business partners who wish to work with local SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

Our Sustainability Vision

In today’s world, environmental sustainability is the most important factor to consider. Thus, we believe in responsible production and innovative management to make a lasting positive impact. Our sustainability vision is built on three core pillars:

Reducing Environmental Impact

We use exceptional production methods that play a significant role in minimising the environmental impact of concrete production and usage. It includes reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources such as water and energy, and reducing pollution.

Maintaining Social Equity

At The Thames Concrete, we understand that our responsibilities extend beyond our doors. Our main goal is to strengthen the communities (where we operate). We treat our workers fairly involved in concrete work, as well as addressing community concerns (such as health and safety impacts). It also involves promoting diversity within the industry.

Innovating for the Future

Innovation is at the centre of sustainability. We continuously explore new methods and materials (such as low-carbon concrete and recycling systems) to set new industry standards. Our dedicated R&D team is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that sustainability is equal to ‘The Thames Concrete’.

Our Sustainability Strategy

‘The Thames Concrete’ is an independent and rapidly growing firm due to the key relationships that it builds based on quality concrete standards, on-time deliveries and trust. Our sustainability strategy comes with a practical approach based on our past achievements that allow us to take action towards a sustainable future.

Commercial Concrete


Our services, products, and solutions are required to build and maintain the houses, workplaces, schools, roads and utility services we all depend on. We fulfil this demand responsibly, assisting in tackling climate alterations, using resources efficiently and making a positive contribution through the conservation of our sites.

Commercial Concrete


We adopt a whole-life approach to provide innovative construction products, services and solutions that support our client’s requirements and contribute positively to the development of sustainable communities and net-zero built environments.

Domestic Concrete


Purpose decides the foundations of our business, what we rely on, how we work and the value we build to support the world and the challenges it confronts. It confers the fundamental building blocks that enable us to take action on our main goals and make progress towards our long-term commitments.

Commercial Concrete


Keeping people safe is our foremost priority. We recruit locally and encourage remote working and online meetings to help reduce our Carbon footprint where possible. We hire locally and encourage remote work for online meetings to reduce our carbon footprint in every place possible. We aim to assist companies who want to achieve NetZero sustainability targets by 2030. As a part of Various Health and safety schemes, we make sure all our customers and workers return home safely to their friends and family.

Our Initiatives

We take the following initiatives to promote sustainable construction:

Recycled Materials:We prioritise the utilisation of recycled materials in our concrete production whenever possible. By making use of recycled aggregates and other materials, we reduce the demand for natural resources and minimise waste sent to landfills.

Energy-Efficient Operations:We have implemented energy-efficient technologies in our manufacturing processes to overcome energy consumption. From investing in quality equipment and renewable energy sources, we are committed to lowering energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Low-Carbon Concrete:Our research and development efforts focus on developing low-carbon concrete mixes. These mixes produce fewer carbon emissions during production, helping to combat climate change and decrease our environmental footprint.

Meet Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards:We are committed to using primary materials in the production of our concrete as it produces the best quality. ‘Thames Concrete Ltd’ are aware of studies by the MPA (Mineral Products Association) as the demand for sustainability increases.

Our performance

We utilise sustainable materials (recycled, reclaimed, or locally sourced materials) to promote eco-friendly construction. To monitor our sustainability KPIs and report to important stakeholders and sustainability performance metrics, we collect regular performance data. Maintaining sustainability in construction includes the following practices and considerations:


Tracking carbon footprint reduction through energy-saving practices.


Upholding ethical business practices and transparent communication with stakeholders.


Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace with a focus on employee well-being and diversity.


Promoting biodiversity and ecosystem protection at construction sites.

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Join Us on Our Sustainability Mission

We invite you to learn more about our efforts and join hands with us in building a sustainable future. At ‘The Thames Concrete’, we are making qualitative concrete material for constructing buildings and roads. We are also laying the foundation for a better, greener tomorrow. Explore our initiatives, share your ideas, and become a part of this change with us.

Together, we will transform challenges into opportunities and create the way for a sustainable legacy that will benefit generations to come — ‘The Thames Concrete’

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