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Ready Mix Concrete

Things You Need To Know About Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete has become a popular choice for a variety of construction projects. It saves the time and labour required to prepare the concrete mixture on the project site. Moreover, one can save on the equipment and machinery costs required for mixing different materials and pouring them over the required area.

Because ready mix concrete comes in multi-functional trucks that serve the purpose of both delivering and pumping the concrete. However, before using pre-mixed concrete in construction projects, you must be familiar with its properties. We have mentioned the important things related in this article. So, let’s check them out. 

But, first of all, let’s understand what is ready-mix concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete

Unlike regular concrete, this variant of concrete is prepared at a dedicated plant instead of the project site. Different materials such as sand, cement, water, and gravel are mixed in a suitable ratio to produce concrete as per the construction project requirements. Afterwards, it is poured in trucks and delivered to the project location. 

Top Facts About Ready Mix Concrete

Highly Durable

Ready-mixed concrete can withstand damage caused due to various sources like fire, heavy wind, etc. Moreover, creatures like termites can’t cause any harm to it. So, there is no need to opt for sealants or special treatments. 

Also, this type of concrete does not lose strength when it comes in contact with moisture. Hence, heavy rains and atmospheric moisture do not affect the building’s strength. All in all, the pre-mixed concrete is a highly durable construction material that ensures high-strength levels in the respective structure. 

Versatile To Use

The versatility of high-quality ready mix concrete makes it an ideal choice for various structures such as pillars, driveways, etc. Because this type of concrete is highly flexible and can be settled in any shape as per the requirements. Moreover, with the help of chemical additives, ready mixed concrete can change its colour, strength, and curing time. All in all, this variant of concrete comes in handy in various construction tasks. 

Reduced Labour and Overall Cost

Ready-mix concrete doesn’t need to be prepared at the project site. So, the equipment and machinery required to make the concrete mix are not required. It saves a lot of money because otherwise, you need to pay charges and rent the mixing truck, concrete pump, etc. Also, the labour and manual effort required to operate these vehicles and equipment are eliminated. So, you not only minimise the expenses but also save on the time required to complete a project.

More Affordable

If we compare the pre-mixed concrete with other construction alternatives such as bricks, it is very affordable. Because using the bricks you will require the mortar mixture to bind them with each other. Afterward, there is a requirement for levelling the upper surface that will need the manual expertise of a skilled worker. 

On the other hand, the ready-mix concrete mixture can be directly poured over the slab area. Furthermore, it is comparatively easy to level and provides a better finishing. This way, ready mixed concrete is a cost-effective construction material. 


After going through the above points, it is clear that ready-mix concrete has numerous benefits for a construction project. In short, it is an affordable, durable, and versatile type of concrete. However, to get the best quality and finish in the respective structure, you must only get the concrete from one of the best concrete suppliers near you. This way, your projects will be completed before deadlines and have the strength and finishing you desire. 

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