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On Site Mixed Concrete

Top Reasons Why On Site Mixed Concrete is Worth the Cost

Are you looking for durable and well-priced construction material for your next project? If yes, on site mixed concrete is worth considering. This variant of concrete is prepared right on the project site. All the raw materials are mixed in specific ratios to give the concrete a desired level of strength and durability. 

One of the key benefits of using on-site mixed concrete is the material doesn’t start hardening well before the pouring. It increases the workability of on-site mixed concrete. Similarly, there are multiple ways, in which the on site mixed concrete provides its value in a construction project. We have jotted down the top ones below. So, let’s check them out.

Benefits of Using On-Site Mixed Concrete

Budget Friendly

While using on-site mixed concrete, you are in total control of the quantity of the material. As this concrete variant is prepared directly on the project site, you can get the amount adjusted in real-time as per the requirements. It ensures that concrete is only prepared in specific quantities which helps avoid wastage.

This way, the additional concrete which is of no use, doesn’t need to be dumped into the landfill. It helps save the environment from the adverse effects of chemical components and keeps your project expenses under control. 

On the contrary, using construction materials like ready mix concrete, you have to specify the quantity in advance. Sometimes the concrete amount which is delivered is not entirely used, which leads to wastage of construction material and money. In such circumstances, on-site mixed concrete stands out as the most suitable material. 

Consistent Concrete Batches

Different concrete batches that are prepared and poured over the slab area need to be of the same consistency to maintain integrity in the structure. On-site mixed concrete allows for adjusting the amount of constituents in real-time to ensure that every batch has the same consistency. 

When the raw material is put into volumetric mixers, its amount can be tweaked to provide the respective batch with the desired consistency. Suppose after a few batches, there is a requirement for concrete which can flow more easily. The workers just need to increase the water quantity, and you are good to go. That’s the level of control you have over concrete production with on-site material mixing.

Ensure Fresh Material Batches

With the help of on site concrete, you can pour the freshest possible material into the required areas. As this concrete variant is prepared on the project site, it only takes a few minutes to carry it to the required area and start pouring. On the other hand, most of the other concrete variants come premixed from the respective facility. So there is a gap of at least an hour or two between producing and pouring the material.

Concrete workability increases when it is in a fresh state. The workers can easily pour it and compact it in the desired manner. Because they have time before it starts to settle and harden eventually. It results in perfect finishing and high strength levels in the respective structure. Also, problems like concrete segregation, bleeding, etc. are minimised or do not occur at all.  

Minimise Wastage

As mentioned above, on site concrete helps reduce material wastage. Reputable suppliers for concrete mix in UK use volumetric mixers to produce the material in highly precise amounts. Moreover, the capacity of such vehicles is almost twice as compared to regular concrete mixers. For this reason, if your project’s concrete requirements are high, on-site concrete with volumetric mixers is the best possible solution.

Even for smaller projects, they serve their purpose. Because they can prepare concrete in custom amounts as per the requirements. So, the client can use the concrete in the desired quantity and the rest of the raw material stays intact in the truck, which the concrete supplier takes back to their facility. 

This way, there is minimum to no concrete wastage, which helps finish the construction project within the desired budget. Also, you don’t have to pay the charges to dispose of the waste concrete at a dumping site. 


The above are the top reasons why on site mixed concrete is a value-for-money construction material. As it is prepared on the project’s site, you are assured that only quality raw materials are used in making it. Contrarily, other types of concrete are prepared in mixing facilities, so you can’t monitor their preparation. All in all, on-site concrete completely justifies its costs through the value it provides.

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