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Rapid Setting Concrete Mix

How Rapid Setting Concrete Increases The Construction Speed?

When a project has tight deadlines, the construction speed must be high to finish it according to the decided timeline. In such situations, it is not feasible to pour concrete into a section and wait for it to dry and set on its own.

Rapid-setting concrete is a suitable construction material for such situations as it settles way faster than other variants. As a result, it enables the construction workers to start working on the remaining sections without delay. To give you a clear idea, we have mentioned various ways through which rapid setting concrete increases the construction speed. But first of all, let’s check out what is rapid setting concrete.

What is Rapid Setting Concrete Mix?

Rapid set concrete is a special type of construction material that hardens and sets at a high speed compared to other concrete variants. It only takes a few hours to become hard, whereas other types of material can keep you waiting for multiple days before construction can be continued. For this reason, it is also popularly known as fast setting concrete.

Reputable suppliers like The Thames Concrete follow the right methods for mixing fast setting concrete and only use quality raw materials. That’s why our rapid-setting concrete provides you with the best results in construction. The qualities of this material make it ideal for constructing pavements, footings, factory floors, structural repairs, and more. 

4 Ways Rapid Setting Concrete Makes Construction Faster

Less Labour Required

As mentioned above, fast setting concrete becomes hard in a few hours. So, you don’t need to hire workers for multiple days. It not only saves time during construction but also cuts down the expenses. Besides, construction workers don’t need to wait for long before they can start working after the material is poured. 

Moreover, the workers don’t need to invest much effort to ensure it settles properly. Otherwise, they have to spray water multiple times over the respective structure to provide proper strength to it, if any other material is used.

Required in Less Quantity

Compared to other concrete variants, fast setting concrete is required in lower quantities. Therefore, the construction speed automatically increases when the project can be completed with a limited amount of construction material. The workers don’t have to work with multiple bags of material, which allows them to finish their work, well before the regularly taken time.

Reduced Wastage of Material

Rapid setting concrete batches can be prepared and used immediately, according to the requirement. So, the possibilities of wastage are very less. Otherwise, the material needs to be mixed in advance, and sometimes due to improper estimation, material wastage happens.

Afterward, the waste needs to be put into a dumping site. This process unnecessarily consumes time in a construction project. However, fast setting concrete keeps you away from such problems by controlling wastage. 

No Need For Mixing

For some building applications, there is no need to mix the construction material. Instead, the rapid set concrete powder can be filled in the respective area and water can be poured above it. This simple approach works for installing mailbox posts and similar structures. 

As concrete mixing takes considerable time and effort, the overall construction process becomes fast, if you skip it. And that is only possible if you use fast setting concrete. This variant can provide the same strength levels without taking a long time to set and harden.


Rapid set concrete can increase your construction speed in multiple ways, by saving time and reducing manual effort. If you need fast setting concrete anywhere in the UK, The Thames Concrete can provide it. We have branches throughout the United Kingdom. Plus, we have one of the best customer support and assured material quality. So, you will get construction materials at the best market rates along with useful advice from our experts. Contact us to learn more.

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