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Ready mix concrete

Why Ready Mix Concrete is An Ideal Solution To Build Quality Homes?

House construction has evolved over the years. Nowadays, people are more conscious about the durability of their homes along with their appearances. The key material that decides the strength of any house is concrete. If concrete quality is good, one can easily build a quality home.

Among all concrete variants, ready-mix concrete is the most practical alternative for residential construction. It eliminates the need of setting up a temporary mixing plant at the construction site because it is manufactured in a dedicated facility. As a result, you get the concrete mix ready to be delivered directly to your construction project’s location.

The multiple benefits of ready-mix concrete make it an ideal solution to build durable and good-looking houses. We have mentioned the top ones below. Let’s check them out.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete To Build Quality Homes

Maintain Consistency in All Batches

The process of manufacturing ready-mix concrete in a factory is totally computerised. Therefore, all the batches produced have the same thickness, water content, flowability and texture. It helps to facilitate hassle-free construction at the respective project location. As the mixing is done by machines, the accuracy is very high while producing concrete batches according to desired specifications.

On the other hand, in manual concrete mixing, there are high chances of the ratio of constituents getting disturbed. As a result, the concrete batches are non-uniform in most situations. It means every concrete batch has different qualities which makes the construction difficult. But, if you are ordering concrete from one of the best ready mix suppliers like The Thames Concrete, you are assured of consistency in the batches.

Construction According To Custom Requirements

While constructing a house, different batches of concrete are required for different sections. If you are using ready mix concrete, you can simply call your concrete supplier and let them know about your requirement.

For instance, you need 10 concrete batches with high flowability and 5 concrete batches with high foam content. You can simply make the supplier aware of it and assure concrete supply as per the requirement. It makes the construction process simple and fast.

Control Resource Usage & Construction Time

By using ready-mix concrete for construction, you have total control over construction time and material usage. As the process of mixing the concrete is not manual, it is fast and efficient. So, in comparison to manual mixing, the batches can be produced quickly.

When the construction material is available in the required amount all the time, there are no halts in construction. The workers can continue construction without any issues, as there is no problem with the concrete supply. 

As time is a very important factor in completing a construction project before the deadline, ready-mix concrete becomes an ideal material. When the labour gets the concrete mix ready all the time, their speed and efficiency automatically increase.

Can Be Ordered in Large Volumes

If you are planning to construct a home, you should know about the key qualities of ready mix concrete. And, the option to order it in large volumes is one of those. As concrete suppliers have multiple machines with good capacities, you can easily get interrupted concrete supply, even if your requirement is high. So, there is no need to stop construction due to a shortage of materials. You can continue your projects at full pace with ready-mix concrete. 

Project Completion With Minimum Wastage

The option to order concrete batches according to the requirement considerably reduces material wastage while using ready-mix concrete. You can order in a limited amount and you have the option to get more batches later if required. Consequently, no half-use bags of concrete are left after the project’s completion. Reduced material wastage not only cuts down your project’s expenses but is also beneficial for the environment, as the waste concrete doesn’t need to be dumped. 


It is clear that ready mix concrete is the best construction material for building quality homes. However, choosing the right supplier is equally important to get the best results. The Thames Concrete is UK’s #1 concrete supplier. We can deliver ready-mix concrete in the required amount, as per your construction project. Our network is spread throughout the country which allows us to cover all major locations. Call us and book your ready mix concrete delivery now!

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