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Self Compacting Concrete

Industry Leaders in Self Compacting Concrete

The Thames Concrete is the most trusted name for self compacting concrete mix in the entire United Kingdom. Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is better than standard concrete as it flows very easily. This concrete mix gets settled on its own and reaches every corner to fill all the gaps. SCC concrete mix reduces the labour required for manually arranging the concrete. Thus, the mixture settles in less time like the rapid setting concrete mix, allowing you to further proceed with the project quickly.

Our SCC concrete mix is suitable for basements, foundations, garages, etc. The Thames concrete provides the fastest same-day or next-day delivery to ensure your project continues at its full pace. We have the best vehicles, equipment, and staff to make self compacted concrete easily available at your project location.

Benefits of Self-Compacting Concrete

No Compaction Required

As the SCC concrete mix comes with self-settling composition, there is no need for compaction for the concrete on the project site. It reduces labour, saves time & money. Plus, the mix settles in less time than regular concrete.

Eliminates Health & Safety Issues

The workers aren’t required to make contact with the concrete mix and arrange it using hand-operated equipment. It keeps them safe from various health problems. Also, the project site stays noise-free as minimum machinery is involved in the process.

Easy Pumping

A self compacting concrete mix flows comparatively easier than standard concrete, simplifying the pumping process. In most cases, the SCC concrete just needs to be poured from one end. It fills every vacant space automatically, making its way around the obstructions.

Quality Finish & Uniform Appearance

Like standard concrete, the SCC concrete mix has a smooth and uniform texture. The experts here at The Thames Concrete ensure our clients only get the high quality concrete mix by using the accurate composition of materials for a quality finishing in the project.

Reliable Supplier For Self Compacted Concrete

Need self compacting concrete for your construction project? The Thames Concrete is at your service on weekdays and even on weekends! Just give us a call on 02034102250 and book your concrete delivery slot.

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