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Coloured Concrete

An Ultimate Guide to Coloured Concrete

Have you ever wondered why the signs on a parking lot floor don’t fade? How does the colour of some concrete structures stay intact for years? It is because coloured concrete is used for such construction applications. It is one of the most versatile construction materials with high customizability and durability. Whether you look at residential buildings or commercial projects, coloured concrete is slowly becoming mainstream. To provide you more clarity on its preparation process, usage, and benefits, we have mentioned some key points below. Let’s check them out!

Top Ways To Colour The Concrete

Depending upon what you want to achieve by using coloured concrete in the construction project, its preparation method varies. There are two commonly used ways to colour it. In both methods, a dry pigment is used with the concrete, which is responsible for providing colour to the construction material. So, let’s have a look at both ways, one by one:

Adding Dry Pigment After Pouring Concrete

Once the concrete is poured into the required area, the colouring pigment is brushed over the surface. As a result, after drying up the concrete floor attains the desired colour. However, this method doesn’t provide long-lasting colour to the concrete as the upper surface can be easily chipped. It leads to faded colours of the floors with time. But, you can use this method for low-budget construction projects as it is comparatively cheaper.

Adding Dry Pigment Before Pouring Concrete

Another approach is to add the colouring agent while mixing the concrete before pouring it. As the pigment particles are smaller than those of the cement, they easily form a layer on them. However, adding dry pigment at the time of mixing the concrete batch is a little expensive. But the results are more durable than the other method. Besides, in most cases, you will require concrete mixing equipment to effectively follow this approach.

Moreover, to eliminate the hassle of preparing construction material on your own, you can also order coloured concrete from a concrete supplier. You can make an online search and connect with nearby reputable concrete providers. For instance, if your project is located in UK, you can consider The Thames Concrete, the #1 concrete supplier in UK for construction material requirements. 

Advantages of Coloured Concrete

High Durability

As mentioned above, coloured concrete is a durable construction material. So, if you use it in garages, driveways, and other floorings, the colours will stay intact for years. Consequently, you don’t have to bother about the maintenance of the respective space, every once in a while. It makes coloured concrete, a value-for-money construction material.

Colour Consistent Batches

By effectively mixing the dry colouring pigment with the construction material, one can get multiple concrete batches with exact colour and consistency. It is especially helpful for applications where the floor area is large and the concrete needs to be produced in multiple batches. Multiple colour consistent batches when poured effectively, provide a uniform and appealing look to the respective flooring.

Fade Resistance

Coloured concrete has “weatherproof capabilities”, which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to fade-resistant construction materials. The colours of concrete don’t become dull, even if the floor is exposed to heavy rain or direct sunlight. As a result, you don’t have to repaint the respective surface again and again, which saves time, money, and effort.

These were the top benefits of coloured concrete. For further information on the advantages of concrete, you can check out our blog “Why Concrete is important For Construction Projects?”.

Common Uses of Coloured Concrete

The versatility of ready mix coloured concrete makes it suitable for different projects and construction applications. So, whether you are a homeowner or a construction project manager, it will come in handy, in one way or the other. Let’s take a look at some of its common uses:

  • To colour the pathways in different shades that enhance the appearance of the garden area. 
  • For building patios and driveways, as coloured concrete possesses weatherproof capabilities.
  • To prepare custom-coloured concrete blocks and use them in walls or related construction applications. 
  • To implement the kitchen flooring with rustic-toned colours that complement the wooden surfaces in the kitchen. 
  • For designing a unique and appealing surrounding area for your fireplace. 

Similarly, you can use your own ideas and utilise coloured concrete in various ways in your construction project. Various shades of coloured concrete are available to provide you with a bespoke construction experience while designing a particular space. Furthermore, you can head to online platforms like Pinterest to get more ideas. 

Tips For Using Coloured Concrete

Use Concrete Dyes To Minimise The Cost

If you are preparing coloured concrete on your own, using colouring dyes is the most cost-effective approach. You can simply shop for the shade of your preferred colour, which comes in a powdered form. Afterwards, you can mix them with the construction material, as explained above.

Buy A Concrete Mixer

To effectively carry out the concrete mixing process, you can buy dedicated mixing equipment. It not only minimises the manual effort required to prepare the construction material but also ensures that the concrete has a uniform consistency. 

Use The Required Protective Gear

Using protective gear while mixing the concrete sounds obvious, but most people still overlook this thing. The colouring agent mixed in the concrete can irritate the skin and eyes. So, it is advised to use gloves, glasses and other protective gear.


After going through the above information, you should have understood many things about coloured concrete. It is a durable, versatile and easy-to-use construction material for different projects.

If you want high-quality coloured concrete at the best prices, you can easily order it from The Thames Concrete! We are a leading concrete supplier who covers various locations across UK. Using the best mixing practices and raw materials, we prepare and deliver coloured concrete batches that meet high-quality standards. 

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