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Concrete Calculator: How to Measure the Amount of Concrete?

How much concrete do I need to construct a pavement in the garden? How many bags will be sufficient for the foundation of the new office?

When starting a construction project, questions like these are common. As concrete is the main construction material used in different projects, determining its exact required quantity becomes really important. Not only it helps you save on expenses but also reduces material wastage.

An ideal way of knowing the precise amount of construction material needed for your project is using the online concrete calculator by The Thames Concrete. By using this simple tool, you can determine the exact quantity of concrete that will be sufficient for your construction needs.

We have explained what is a concrete calculator, its benefits, and the proper way of using it below. Let’s have a look:

What is A Concrete Calculator?

It is an online tool that helps you decide the exact weight and volume of concrete required to carry out construction work in a specific area. Before ordering concrete for your construction project, you can better assess your material requirements with the help of a concrete calculator. 

How To Use A Concrete Calculator For Measuring Concrete Amount?

Step 1) First of all, you need to take the measurements of length, width & height/depth of the respective area.

Step 2) After taking the measurements, the next step is to enter those in our online tool by visiting our website. We offer calculation of concrete volume for units like meters, millimeters, centimeters, feet, yards, and inches. 

Step 3) After clicking on the “Calculate” button, our tool will calculate and tell you about the exact volume you require for your construction needs. 

Step 4) Divide the volume of concrete contained in a single bag by the total quantity given by our tool. This way, you will get the exact number of bags you need to order.

Note: As you provide your name, email, and phone number, our experts will get in touch with you, and guide you regarding the right concrete amount for your construction project. 

Advantages of Using A Concrete Calculator

As concrete is one of the important construction materials for both residential and commercial projects, knowing about its required quantity becomes essential for the following reasons:

To Reduce Wastage

It is really hard to manually predict the exact amount of concrete required for a construction project. You never know when a worker spills some concrete and totally disturbs all your calculations! Similarly, multiple reasons lead to concrete wastage. An ideal approach to avoid this is to know the right amount using a concrete calculator and purchase a little more than that. This way, the wastage can be reduced and you don’t have to rush to buy concrete due to shortage.

For Saving Time

Once you know the exact concrete amount, you can order it and get rid of the hassle of ordering concrete again and again. It saves time that can be invested in other construction-related tasks. Plus, the workers don’t get interrupted in between due to material shortages. As construction material is always available, the project can be completed at the right time according to the deadline. 

To Save Money

Using a concrete calculator in UK can help you save on project expenses in multiple ways. Firstly, you can avoid over or under-ordering, both increase the project expense. If you order more bags, the remaining concrete after the project’s completion gets wasted. And, if you order less, you need to call another truck and pay for it. In addition, by reducing concrete wastage, you also save on project expenses.


A concrete calculator is a useful tool that makes construction simple, easy, and convenient. If you want to estimate the construction material quantity for your project, consider using the concrete calculator from The Thames Concrete. It will give you a brief idea of how much concrete you need for your construction project. Plus, you can also order different variants of quality concrete by getting in touch with us. Our experts can guide you from the start to the end of your project and help you effectively perform construction.

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