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Why Concrete is Heavily Used in Construction?

Concrete is heavily used in almost every construction project nowadays. Due to its strength, versatility, workability, durability, and other benefits, it has become a go-to construction material. Although there are other materials also available such as steel and wood, none matches the utility that concrete offers. To provide you with more clarity over this, we have jotted down the top reasons why every project requires a specific concrete mix to complete various construction-related tasks. So, without any further delay, let’s check them out.

Reasons Why Concrete Is Heavily Used in Construction Projects

Requires Low Maintenance

Unlike other construction materials, concrete requires very low to no maintenance. Once it is properly poured in the right amount over the required area, it settles on its own. No additional chemical substances are required to provide it with the strength that concrete structures generally possess. However, some specific admixtures can be added to speed up the process.

Moreover, after the respective structure is ready, there is no need to add protective elements to keep the building intact for years. On the other hand, wood, steel, etc, require a coat of paint or protective polish to withstand environmental factors like heavy rain, direct sunlight, etc. 

However, you still have the option to paint the concrete for decoration purposes. Alternatively, coloured concrete mix is also available in the market. So, you still have the option to customise the look of your concrete structures, without compromising on durability and strength. Similarly, there are different types of concrete available for different purposes. 

Energy Efficient Material

Concrete is a good insulating material. So, the buildings constructed by it automatically attain energy-efficient properties. Concrete mix can keep homes and offices warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Once the room heater increases the temperature up to a certain level, the concrete can keep the respective space warm for a long time.

Similarly, in summers, the concrete keeps the cooling of the air conditioner maintained to the same level for a long time. As a result, appliances like room heaters, and ACs don’t have to operate at their maximum power mode. Consequently, less energy is needed to fulfil the requirements of the building.

Moreover, while producing concrete, less energy is used as compared to other construction materials. While steel requires approximately 10 times more energy to be manufactured. Therefore, concrete is not only better for the environment but also keeps your electricity expenses under control.

Budget Friendly

Concrete is one of the most cost-effective construction materials. As mentioned above, it is highly energy efficient, which helps you cut down on your electricity bills. Moreover, due to low maintenance requirements, you can avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Furthermore, when it comes to material cost, concrete mix is one of the most budget-friendly construction materials. On top of that, you can order concrete in custom amounts to further reduce material wastage and save money. There are various reputable concrete suppliers, like The Thames Concrete, that provide a calculator for concrete mix on their website. It allows you to calculate the exact quantity of material that is required for your specific construction requirement.

Perfect For Underwater Construction

Concrete is the most preferred construction material for structures that are built underwater, or stay in contact with water all the time. For instance, pipelines, canals, swimming pools, artificial fountains, and more, are best constructed with concrete. 

Concrete can maintain the durability of the structures that are submerged in the water all the time. Furthermore, it doesn’t lose its strength even if the water contains chemical substances like sulphates, chlorides, and more. Whereas other materials like wood or steel slowly start to get damaged when exposed to water for a long time.

Withstand High Temperatures

As mentioned above, concrete is a good insulating material. Apart from that, it can stay in its original form, even after being exposed to extremely high temperatures. It makes the respective building fire safe up to a large extent. In case of a mishap, such as the building ending up catching fire; concrete can help minimise the damage.

For this particular reason, concrete is used to make “panic rooms”. The residents of a building can stay in these rooms for many hours without the risk of being exposed to fire until a rescue team arrives. Concrete is also widely used to construct bakeries and furnaces as it can withstand extremely high temperatures. 

However, if you use wood, it can easily catch fire. Besides, steel is comparatively durable but melts at a higher temperature causing the respective structure to collapse. Thus, concrete is better than these construction materials.

Ensure Safe Environment in Buildings

Along with the strength and durability, a good environment and air quality inside the building are equally essential to ensure the safety of the residents. Concrete becomes inert after the curing process. So, it does not emit any harmful gases. Besides, it does not rot like other construction materials like wood. So, there are almost no chances of mildew growth.

Moreover, concrete structures prevent dust particles, smoke, and other airborne pollutants from entering the building. Thus, living in a concrete building makes you worry-free from all these potential issues. Last but not the least, concrete structures are less prone to noise pollution. So, the occupants can experience a peaceful environment in their houses.


The above are the top reasons why concrete is heavily used in various construction projects. To get the best results out of concrete, you should consider buying it from a reputable contractor. The Thames Concrete is a leading concrete supplier in the UK, dealing in high-quality concrete mixes. You can trust us for all sorts of construction material requirements. We have all the necessary equipment, machines and concrete carrier vehicles required to facilitate a successful delivery in custom amounts. With The Thames Concrete, you can complete your construction work well within the deadline and budget, without compromising on quality. 

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